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How to Dress Like an Italian

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May 10, 2016

How to Dress Like an Italian

Don’t you just love the unique Italian style of dressing? The distinctive appearance to of an Italian dress sense makes a person look stylish, sophisticated but yet uncomplicated. It is a subtle combination of accessible clothing and quintessential attitude! There are some ways to achieve the perfect look with the right outfit. Check out some of these below!

There is an emphasis on maintaining an appealing personal appearance in Italian culture, ie. nails, hair, make-up, etc. but I must say it is not too heavy, there is that balance that makes it seem classy and effortless. Even when they go out for something as small as buying bread, you will see them perfectly dressed. They appear relaxed and confident. This comes back to attitude!

As far as clothes and outfits well, here are just a few tips for you:

European Stores have popped up here in Australian in the past 5 years, which in my opinion is just fabulous, we get the European styles, but not the hefty price tag!

Take “Zara” (love this shop)  you can get a sensational look for about $150 – day to night!

Jeans, T-shirt, Chunky Bangle- Day time look. Jeans, change the t-shirt for a black top, Chunky Bangle and a pair of Heels – Night time look.

“H & M” another European Brand – value for money and “a la mode”! This place is a one-stop-shop, you can buy everything here Dresses, Shoes, Bags, Accessories even Lingerie! Great Store for inspiration, look around, mix and match, you can’t go wrong, think: “what looks good on me?"

“Sephora” – A Make-Up Wonderland, again value for money with the added bonus of a great selection of Brands! Again keep it simple and get the girls (Store Assistants) to help you with products and advice, they will know the tricks of the trade.

Again, keep it simple! I can’t emphasis enough, don’t overthink or over indulge and it will all fall into place. The great thing is with these two Brands (Stores) you can take it home try it on and if you don’t like it, take it back!

You should be proud of your curves and you should flaunt them, Italian’s proudly do! The key is to highlight your best features - this is the secret to dressing like an Italian.

In Italy, heels are a woman’s best friend. Heels are magic; it’s an illusion that only benefits you!

An Italian woman is not ready unless she wears her sunglasses! With sunglasses on, you are evocative and complete! Go for brands such as Armani and Fendi as these are timeless and always in style.

Invest in an Outrageous Handbag – it will draw attention and you can wear it with anything.

To sum it all up – You don’t have to go for Expensive Brands, just buy those awe-inspiring pieces and you will amazed how Italian you look and how good you feel about yourself, because in the end we all want to feel great!

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