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Antipasto - The Art of Beginnings

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May 4, 2019

No one can deny that an Italian meal is a truly sensory experience.In Italy the traditional first course is “antipasto” (plural: antipasti). The term is derived from Latin “ante” (before) and “pastus” (meal, pasture).

Artfully conceived, antipasto presentations are generally colourful and boast many diverse items, to get people excited for the meal. Whether you are hungry or not, the antipasto is meant to get your appetite going and prepare your taste buds for more. The antipasto course is not meant to be too filling, while still engaging all of your senses.

The history of antipasto is rooted in medieval Italy. Sweet and savoury finger-foods such as nuts, dried fruits and sliced ham got people in the mood for a meal. With the evolution of Italian food, antipasto has taken on the form of many new dishes. But the aim of antipasto is the same: to get you ready for the many courses to follow in a traditional Italian meal, in this case - "La Pizza".

It's a conservation starter and an ice breaker to introduce your guests to the "Italian Experience".

Buon Appetito.