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Authentic Italian, Delicious Pizza

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September 25, 2018

Famous Words that we live by "Simplicity is the ultimate Sophistication" - in his wisdom he was unto something.

Was Leonardo speaking about Pizza? Or was he just speaking about Italian Food in general?

How simple is Pizza really and why do people make it so complicated with lot's of ingredients?

Italian's especially Napolitani, judge a great Pizza by ordering the Margherita Pizza, topped with Tomato Sauce and Fior di Latte (Mozzarella), why?

Well, it's quite simple really - the Dough has to be bubbly, fragrant, soft but not crispy or soggy.

The Tomato Sauce, rich and fruitful.

The Fior di Latte, soft and elastic.

Finished with Basil and a Drizzle a EVO (extra virgin oil)

These ingredients explode in mouth, making you want more.

That's how you tell if a Pizza is Authentic Italian, Delicious. Those flavours, the inviting smell, the texture and finally the way it looks, what more could you possibly ask for?

Next you order a Pizza go for something "Simple"! You might be surprised.